The SkinLyst Story

I remember buying the first edition of ‘The Beauty Bible’ by Jo Fairley & Sarah Stacey, when I was 15 years old. I pored through the pages, and that is when I started my first product love affair with Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish (still a favourite of mine today). I couldn’t get it in my hometown at the time, so my sister would bring back supplies whenever she visited from London (and now I do the same for friends in the US).

Over the next 15 years I trained as a cosmetic chemist, working as a formulator and then product developer for a number of skincare brands. Through this time of study and working in the industry, I was continuously being asked by friends and family – “what products should I be using?”. Always wanting to help, but not being able to give any useful advice without first knowing more, I devised a short questionnaire which would give me enough information to make product recommendations that made sense for them.

And the results were really positive; from finding a mascara that didn’t irritate super sensitive eyes, to solving a life long patch of facial psoriasis, to giving a bride-to-be her dream skin, word spread and I found myself helping more and more people.

I realised I could use my ingredient know-how to bring great personalised, professional skincare advice to the masses, and save people time and money, fast-tracking them to get the skin they really wanted.

My mission with SkinLyst is to get everyone in our community feeling awesome in their own skin - and in turn bringing kick-ass confidence into all areas of their lives.